The Sewer Backup

The moment we opened the door to come in the house, we could smell the filthiest stink ever in the house. Confused and irritated, I started looking for the probable cause. Hoping my fears not to be true, I gathered some courage and went to the basement. The view there was something none of us had seen before. There was a Sewer Backup from the basement drain. The basement was filled with loads of sewage, Plastics, toilet papers, used napkins and human faeces also. It was a horrible situation, which even some neighbours reported later. It was a horrible situation, which even some neighbours reported later. This is a very common situation in the United States. Each year almost more than 5 Lac cases of sewer backup are reported. So let us just discuss about how to go ahead with cleaning your basement from a sewer backup

Minimize Losses

This situation has to be dealt with properly. The after effects of a sewer backup are majorly the huge loss of property due to the damage by the sewage. Correct measures have to be taken after a sewer backup to minimize to a great extent the damage and loss. Although every back-up is different, there are some basic clean up principles that can be applied. A sewer backup can cause damage to your home, destroy your valuables, and create the possibility of electrocution. Prompt clean up of the flooded area can decrease these risks and the damage to your home.

Health Hazard

Cleaning of the entire area is a MUST to keep our entire family at bay from any sickness. Never let the kids to come near to the place of the sewage. Solid sewage and dirty waters which flows along is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and other deadly microorganisms. There is always a possibility of spreading these in the other clean areas of the home. Since the children are very susceptible utmost care should be taken.

The Cleanup

I would like to give some important tips on cleaning your basement from a sewer backup. Firstly all the waste water should be removed. If the normal drain does not work, make sure you pump out the water. Then removal of solid material like the debris from all corners of the place is essential. Also wash every place like the floors, walls and even ceilings in some cases with hot water adding a good antibacterial detergent. Use a good sanitizer after the washing to kill all the remaining germs. Ventilate the area using any possible means like the windows or blowers or fans. We can also avail the professional services for the same.

Prevention is better than cure

After all screw up, I thought, how about preventing this sewer backup itself. I started an intensive search for something that would protect my home from sewer flood. After all the hard work I finally found a new technology Backwater Valve Solution. It worked as a miracle and we never ever had to deal with cleaning our basement from a sewer backup since then.
I hope my experience and suggestions will surely help you with cleaning your basement from a sewer backup and more importantly preve

Updated: November 25, 2011 — 3:17 pm
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